Friday, March 31, 2017

Weekly Bulletin March 31, 2017

Dates to Remember
April 3 - Red Sox Spirit Day
April 4,5,6 - MCAS for Grades 3,4,5
April 7 - 8:45 - Grade 1 Nursery Rhymes Concert
April 11 - Kindergarten Art Museum
April 12 - Grade 3 Field Trip to Minuteman Park
April 14 - No School, Good Friday
April 17 - 21 - No School, Vacation

Students should wear their RED SOX gear to school on Monday in
honor of Boston's opening day for baseball season!

Garrett Reisman - Retired NASA Astronaut
I had the privilege of attending the ASCD education conference this past week and attended a presentation from retired astronaut, Garrett Reisman.  Astronaut Reisman flew aboard the Endeavor space shuttle, spent over 90 days on the International Space Station, and took part in several space walks.  He was grateful for the teachers he admired and reminded me of our important role as educators to provide inspiration to our students and help foster their determination to succeed at any task they set their minds to.  His personal story helped to remind us all of the powerful combination of inspiration and determination!

Burlington Parks & Recreation Dept is sponsoring a Youth & Human Services Day. The event is taking place throughout the day on April 8th.  The event will allow community members to visit and interact with different organizations in the town to see what programs, services, groups, and parks the town has to offer.   The hub of organizations will be setting up booths and activities at Simonds Park; we have an array of who will be in attendance, from an obstacle course being set up by the Army to an informative booth being set up by the food pantry.  We also have some organizations setting up at their own locations.  The full schedule of events and list of organizations that will be involved can be found on our flyer which I have attached.

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