Thursday, April 25, 2013

Principal for a Day

My name is Maayan Oved, and today I was Principal for the Day.  My assistant was Lily Algeri.  First we came down to the office and did announcements.  We used the loud speaker to call students to come get their instruments.  We called Dr. Conti on the phone and talked about our school procedures.  Next we visited all the classrooms and told them some advice about how to behave at school.  I had lunch with Mrs. Astone to discuss the rest of the day.  We wrote an email to all the teachers and sorted papers in the office.  This afternoon, we read stories to the incoming Kindergarten students during story hour.  It is a very busy job.  To be good at it,  you should be organized and keep a good schedule.  There are a lot of meetings and events going on all the time.  We made many decisions.  Even though the job is hard, it’s fun to be Principal! 

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