Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back to School on Monday

When we left for April vacation, we could never have imagined what would unfold over the course of the week. Patriot's Day has always been a day of inspiration as it is the day we remember our Massachusetts heroes of the American Revolution and the rich history of bravery that our country is founded upon. On Patriot's Day, we also celebrate the determination and courage of the many athletes who run the Boston Marathon, pushing themselves to high levels of achievement. We could not have imagined the course of events that would follow this week with the Marathon Bombings. The tragedy that occurred will forever remain in our hearts as we remember the beautiful lives that were lost and the many who are injured and maimed. We have also been deeply moved as we witnessed the spirit of a people who continue to have the courage, determination, and compassion that was exhibited by so many of our citizens. The police departments, fire departments, first responders, medical professionals and citizens,  have displayed the kind of character that our country was built upon. As we move forward, Patriot's Day will continue to be a day of inspiration, a day when we celebrate that the "Spirit of America" is alive in well in Massachusetts.

Our students will return to school on Monday and our objective will be to get back to the routine of school and focus on learning. We will be ready to support our students should they have any questions or concerns. We have all been touched by this tragic event and I am sure some in the Francis Wyman School community may have personal connections with this event. Please feel free to contact us if you know your child may need some emotional support. 

Francis Wyman School is a school that CARES. We have witnessed our values in actions this week - Compassion, Achievement, Respect, Enthusiasm, and Self-reliance were all evident throughout this week's events. We will continue to foster these important values with our students!

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