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"CARES" Day - February 15, 2013

It was a CARES Kind of Day! 

On Friday, Francis Wyman Elementary School had school-wide celebrations to recognize the successful demonstration of the CARES values. 

"R for Respect" and "S for Self- Reliance"

It was announced in the morning, that every class had earned some "special activity time" as a result of demonstrating great behavior in the cafeteria. Each class earned at least 100 CARES coupons for  following the behavior expectations. The teachers planned a 10 minute activity for the whole class to enjoy during the day. THe fourth grade earned the most coupons so they had a 15 minute activity.

CARES Assembly

The CARES Assembly is an "All School Assembly" in which all students, teachers, and staff participate. There are three CARES Assemblies each year. The assemblies  begin with  the entire school chanting the CARES cheer that was developed by the Student Council several years ago.

"C for Compassion"  - Student Council

The Student Council   takes a lead role in preparing and leading these assemblies. The Student Council  reminds the school of what each letter means through their special readings. They celebrate the "Compassion" of the school by highlighting the successful community  projects that they have spearheaded. The food drive brought in hundreds of pounds of food that was donated to the Burlington Food Pantry and the Merrimack Valley Food Pantry. The school collected many coats to keep people warm this winter through the "Coats for Kids" drive. Now we are working on collecting items for "Cradle to Crayons" campaign. We have already collected a huge box of clothing, toys, school supplies, and more for kids in need. The next project will be the annual "Pennies for Patients" drive which will support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The class who collects the most money will get a prize.

"A for Accomplishment" - Accelerated Reader Challenge

At the CARES Assembly in November,  Mrs. Astone challenged the school to read 1,000 books through the Accelerated Reader program by the February assembly. The school not only met the goal, but exceeded it with the following results: 

Total Books Read - 1,616
Total Words Read - 31,350,358

Mrs. Astone read each and every student's name who participate the AR program this year to date. The students stood and were recognized by the whole school. All students in the school received an AR bookmark in celebration of our accomplishment.  The students who earned the most points in Accelerated Reader were given a special prize. 

Grade 1  1st Place - Robbie Geswell and 2nd Place - Will McLean
Grade 2  1st Place - Saad Ahmad and 2nd Place - Cassidy Myer
Grade 3  1st Place - Domonick Lamoretti and 2nd Place- Trinolka Basu
Grade 4  1st Place - Finnian Gunther and 2nd Place -  Anika Bharatan
Grade 5  1st Place - Olivia Perry and 2nd Place - Ravi Patel

Mrs. Astone announced the big surprise that the school earned for reading over 1,000 books. The students were treated to a special afternoon  assembly with Odds Bodkin, a well known storyteller. Thanks to the PTO for supporting this enrichment program for our students! They earned it!

The new challenge for the rest of the school year is to have every student in grades 1-5 read at least one book in the Accelerated Reader Program. Mrs. Astone also challenged the school to read another 2000 books by the end of June.

"E for Enthusiasm" - Music and Dance

Mrs. Peabody and Mrs. Potts led the entire school in the singing of the school song. We even did it in a round! All the students and staff members danced the "Move It" dance of the month. It was a wonderful sound and a sight to see!

Storyteller Odds Bodkin entertained the the students for the afternoon! Thank you PTO for all your support! If you would like to hear him tell his stories you can visit his website

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