Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our 1:1 First Grade Classroom

Welcome to our 1:1 first grade classroom ! Within several minutes you can see a number of our  current initiatives and instructional practices occurring.

The students are participating in a Fundations lesson for phonics instruction. They work on their individual iPads to write words and vowels sounds. 

The Touch-It interactive white board is used for both teacher directed instruction and for sharing student responses. The teacher's articulation of the phonemic sounds is clearly heard by all thanks to the Light Touch sound system in the classroom. The teacher awards CARES coupons to students who are demonstrating appropriate learning behaviors as she has the coupons conveniently in her coupon pouch. 
Students have the opportunity for individual attention from our RtI tutors who assist in the classroom. 

The students were completely engaged as a result of being able to fully participate throughout  the entire lesson and  get the personal attention and immediate feedback that they need. The lesson focused on research based approaches for reading instruction and learning behaviors. The technology utilized effectively supported the primary educational goals.

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