Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FW Students Reach the Accelerated Reader Principal's Challenge!

At our school-wide CARES Assembly on November 21, I challenged the students in grades one through five to try to reach the goal of reading 1,000 books through our Accelerated Reader ( AR) program by February 15, the Friday before February vacation.  This challenge is based on the "A" in our CARES motto which stands for "Accomplishment". Each Friday morning, I announce the names of every child who  successfully completed an AR quiz that week. The students come down to the office and receive a CARES coupon in celebration of their accomplishment. The number of students participating has been increasing steadily each week as the students have been participating with "Enthusiasm" (the "E" in the CARES motto). I am happy to announce that the students met the 1,000 book challenge on Friday, January 25 which is three weeks ahead of schedule. The students are now going to show me how many books they can read beyond my original challenge.  At our next CARES Assembly on Friday, February 15, we will celebrate this accomplishment. Be on the look out for future announcements regarding the progress of our students on AR and our upcoming celebration of their accomplishment!

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