Thursday, May 24, 2012

Principal for the Day

Tyler Norden was the lucky winner of "Principal for a Day" at the FW Family Carnival this year.  He chose Nicholas Pazzia as his assistant on Monday this week as he lead the school and interacted with students, teachers and even the Superintendent. Here is a report from "Principal Norden" :

Principal and Assistant Principal for the day was one of the most thrilling days of elementary school.  We had lots of things to do like give out CARES coupons to many teachers for having 2SQ lines. (straight, single, quiet).  We visited every class and gave them our inspirational speech:
  • School helps fulfill your dreams.
  • Listen to your teachers
  • Study hard
  • Be responsible for your actions
  • Don't depend on others
  • If you listen you'll learn a lot of things
  • By reading, you can learn something new every day
  • Keep working hard and maybe you'll be principal one day
We consulted with Dr. Conti and had Principal's lunch with Grade 3 students.  We made the decision to give out homework coupons that allow students to read for 20 minutes instead of doing homework for one night.  It was a great experience following in Mrs. Astone's and Mr. G's foot steps.  It was like stepping into their shoes.  Today was a good experience and we should keep the tradition going for a long time!

Principal Norden
Assistant Principal Pazzia

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