Monday, December 6, 2010

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

The Thanksgiving Feast is a kindergarten tradition at Francis Wyman School. This feast is the culminating event of theThanksgiving Unit and integrates all that the students learned.  Students read books, wrote, stories, played math games and completed various arts and crafts projects related to this theme.  Students even helped prepare the food. It is a great celebration when the students finally attend the feast. They come to the feast dressed in the Pilgrim and Native American costumes that they made, each one decorated differently than the next. The students join together to sing the songs that they learned. Then the students sit at the beautifully set tables due in large part to the “woven" placements the students created. Thanks to our parent volunteers, the students are served a plate containing a taste of each food item. Students enjoy a variety of selections such as   “Stone Soup”, corn bread, pumpkin bread, cranberry sauce, and apple pie. Without a doubt the most popular food is the freshly popped popcorn! The true meaning of Thanksgiving is apparent at this festive occasion.

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