Saturday, June 2, 2018

Weekly Bulletin - June 1, 2018

End of Year Dates
June 13 - Grade 5 Beach Day
June 15 - Grade 1 Dinosaur Show, 9:00am
June 21 - Field Day
June 25 - Grade 5 Celebration, 9:00am ALL WELCOME
June 26 - Last Day of School, 11:15am Dismissal

Looking for Garden Volunteers

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The students at FW spend time planting, watering, and maintaining a vegetable garden on the back of our property.  We are looking for families to be garden caregivers over the summer.  This job includes watering, weeding, and harvesting! We will assign one family to each week during the summer beginning on June 24th.    If you are interested, please email Mrs. Conley in the office at THANK YOU!

Mrs. Logan's second-grade groups created their own gardens! Students painted pots, grew flowers, and learned about honesty and creating their own happiness.

Heroes in action from Grade 1!  
First graders in Mrs. Ski's/Mrs. Lamprey's homeroom class chose a hero from within our school and presented each person with a picture of themselves and a full description of why they are a hero.  Many adjectives such as "judicious," "unselfish," and "cooperative" were used to describe our own homegrown heroes. 
Thanks for a lovely tribute!

We were proud to have the members of the Class of 2018 join us today for a parade of graduates.  These students all attended Francis Wyman when they were younger.  Lots of laughter and some tears, too, as they walked the hallways, saw former teachers, and heard cheers from our current students! Way to go Class of 2018 ~ FW wishes you great things as you graduate from BHS!

Mrs. Casey's Grade 5 Class working on a Million Dollar Project...
They are planning their future by building math skills and learning how to write checks and balance a checkbook.  Three requirements were to purchase a house for no more than $300,000, purchase a vehicle, and plan a dream vacation!  
Who wouldn't love that assignment??

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