Friday, December 2, 2016

Weekly Bulletin December 2, 2016

Dates to Remember
December 20 - Winter Concert for Grade 4, 6:00pm
Winter Concert for Grade 5, 7:00pm
December 21 - Used Book Store, 8:00 - 8:30am Students may bring 25 cents or a book to trade.  
December 22 - Kindergarten Nutcracker Show for parents, 9:00am

Mrs. Cook's Kindergarten students are "cookin" in math!
Students work on their daily math stations practicing writing
numbers, adding, counting on, and putting numbers in order.
Students were proud of their math accomplishments and eager to show off their talents!

Mrs. Duncan's Kindergarten Class 
puts on a show!

Mrs. Duncan's students performed a reader's theatre of Eric Carle's animal stories this morning complete with animal masks, sound effects, and audience participation.  This performance integrated their study of animals with their reading, listening, speaking, and artistic skills.  
The performance was fabulous and both Mr. Doiron and Mrs. McDonald were happy to be invited to the show!


  1. Thank you, Kim / Mrs. Cook for inspiring your former student, our daughter Christina to go into teaching! It all began in your classroom!!! Best, susan

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