Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekly Bulletin October 24, 2014

Another busy week of learning activities at Francis Wyman!
Students in Mrs. Goguen's class were busy testing their knowledge of how light waves work and stepping up to the challenge of creating a "light maze".  Great brains working together to solve a problem is always exciting to watch!

Mr. Musselman observes this 3rd grade group and checks whether their light beam passes through each of the pieces of the maze represented in their
 "light challenge".
Be sure to ask the 3rd graders about their new knowledge of how LIGHT works!

A Season for Scary Stories!

1st grade students listened to the well rehearsed "cackles" of Mrs. Jefferson as she read a scary story aloud to her students.  The students closed their eyes and covered their ears in anticipation as they enjoyed every minute of the scary storytelling experience.  This helped students brainstorm and write their own scary stories which they were happy to share with me on Friday morning.

Mrs. McDonald shares her home grown "Big Pumpkin" as she reads this story aloud.  Each student received 2 giant pumpkin seeds to grow their very own giant pumpkins next Spring!

Giant Sunflower Contest Winners!

Alex, Tommy and Scott were the proud winners of the contest sponsored by the Burlington Science Center.  Their individual sunflower plants were twice as tall as each of them and with flowers that were easily bigger than their heads!  All students that participated demonstrated impressive gardening skills.  
Congratulations to the winners and all of the contest participants!

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