Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ending the school year "Happy" and ready to "Roar"

FWS CARES Assembly
June 2014

The students celebrated the school year and ended knowing that this is a school that CARES! There was singing, dancing and cheering!

The Student Council led the school in the CARES cheer and presented a video of various examples of how students at FWS show Compassion, Accomplishment, Respect, Enthusiasm, and Self -Reliance.

To culminate the year, the Student Council challenged the school to create a video that exemplified the CARES motto. Mrs. O'Neill's class was the winner of levels 3-5 and Mrs. Duncan's class was the winner for levels K-2.

FWS students exceeded the goal set for the number of Accelerated Reader books read. Last year the students read 4,000 books but this year they read 5,000 BOOKS! FWS is a school that reads! Two students from each grade were given awards for reading the most books in their grade level. One student was recognized for  excellent progress in reading.

Students who participated in the Reflex Math program received awards for working in the program over 100 days this year. The students who met this goal did this by working on the program at school AND at home. Their commitment to practicing math is commendable.

Another fun video was a collage of various events and learning experiences that occurred throughout the year. Each class submitted photos to the Technology Department who created a fun video featuring the songs "Happy" and "Roar" . All the students enjoyed singing along while viewing the photos. 

To end the celebration, the Student Council led the students in a giant "wave" as they said "good-by" to school and "hello" to summer. Students then participated in a school-wide "Move - It" dance led by the music teachers.

 It was a wonderful way to celebrate our fabulous students and an impressive year of accomplishments! 

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