Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sports Day vs Field Day

There has been some confusion regarding the Student Council notice that went home last week. The Student Council is promoting a "Book Drive" to collect used books to give to children who do not have books at home. Students who participate in the Book Drive, can wear shirts or hats of their favorite sports team  on Friday, June 14. This is similar to past campaigns such as the Food Pantry donations last fall. Students who participated in donating items to the Food Pantry were allowed to participate in Silly Hat Day. Field Day is this Friday, June 7. All students participate in Field Day. The book drive is not connected to Field Day.

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  1. Hi Mrs. Astone,
    Apparently some parents got emails today saying Field Day is cancelled due to the storm coming. Is there anyway for everyone to be notified? I know a lot of parents are trying to juggle their work schedules in order to volunteer Fri or Monday.
    Thanks so much