Friday, June 8, 2012

A Time for Goodbye

It seems that most every year there are a few faculty members who leave Francis Wyman School for new adventures. This year we have three people who are leaving us. All have contributed greatly to the school community. These occasions are bittersweet as we share in their excitement but are also saddened to see them leave us. The reality is that change is inevitable.

Three years ago, Mr. Michael Giurlando came to Francis Wyman School to be the Assistant Principal/Team Chair. “Mr. G.”, as the students like to call him, is about to begin an exciting new time in his life. He is getting married in July and relocating to New Mexico!  Mr. Giurlando’s bride is originally from New Mexico and they are looking forward to building their new life together near family and friends. Of course all of us wish him the best, but he will surely be missed!

Ms. Christine Lyons is retiring after over 38 years of teaching. Wow! What an accomplishment! Ms. Lyons has taught several grades but her longevity in grade three is what we remember most. Her talent and dedication is most appreciated by her students, our teachers, and the many families she has been connected to throughout the years. Congratulations to Ms. Lyons! We wish her many years of enjoyment in retirement!

There is another teacher retiring! Mrs. Bonnie Gilman, one of our special education teachers, has been teaching for over 34 years. This longevity is a tremendous accomplishment! Mrs. Gilman has positively impacted so many students through her years here. Her dedication to her students has made an important difference in their lives. We will miss her expertise but share in her excitement as she begins the next chapter of her life. 

Congratulations to all! You will always be part of the fabric of Francis Wyman Elementary School!

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