Friday, January 13, 2012

A Focus on Classical Music - "Orchestrating Kids"

This year at Francis Wyman, the music department decided to expose our students to as much classical music as possible. This started by playing classical music over the loudspeaker every morning as the students enter the building. Already students have been exposed to composers such as Bach, Tchaikovsky and Copland. We also are teaching the students about form and themes found in music through our daily Move It, also done to classical music.

This project is continuing through an outside program called Orchestrating Kids through Classics. On Tuesday, four musicians visited the 3rd graders of Francis Wyman Elementary school to share their musical talents. The children were excited to see the quartet perform. We were visited by a violinist, violist, clarinetist and tuba player. The children were able to see the four perform as a group as well as individual as the musicians talked about different composers as well as the families of instruments. We were complimented on our student’s knowledge, wonderful questions as well as their superb behavior throughout the entire performance. The next phase of this program is in the form of a field trip. The 3rd graders will be visiting the Lexington Symphony Orchestra to see a classical concert developed for children. We our excited for the upcoming adventure!

We would like to thank both the Burlington Education Foundation as well as the Massachusetts Cultural Council for supporting our upcoming program through grants. Due to their generosity, the entire 3rd grade will be able to participate without cost.

For more information about our ongoing music curriculum, please visit
www.franciswymanmusic.wordpress .com

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