Monday, February 7, 2011

Bedford Educators Visit FWS

On a snowy winter day, a team of educators from the Bedford Public Schools visited Francis Wyman Elementary School to learn about our RtI initiative. The team members represented both of the Bedford elementary schools and included the principals, grade level teacher leaders, special educators, reading specialists, and the assistant superintendent. We spent a good part of the morning visiting ELA classrooms and observing our students in action. We also discussed many aspects of our RtI implementation such as our master schedule, universal screening tools of DORA /DOMA, data meetings, grade level team meetings, Problem Solving Team procedures, Core curriculum, interventions, and other relevant topics. It was wonderful to have this time for professional discussions and to share our experiences. As the educators left that day, they were full of enthusiasm and excitement. We wish them well in their RtI initiative and we look forward to more ongoing collaboration with our Bedford neighbors!

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