Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Building Projects and Improvements

The custodians have been working hard throughout this hot and humid summer to clean, repair and refresh the building. As usual the building looks fabulous thanks to our dedicated crew. Replacing the auditorium seating was our biggest project and  involved many steps. First the old chairs were removed followed by  the old tile floor. Currently the floors are being prepared for the installation of the new tile and rug.The final step will be the installation of the new chairs, once they arrive. This project will not be finished by the start of school , but should be complete by the end of September. The main office has a fresh look with colorful new carpet. The back walkway has been repaved, a much needed update now that we regularly use the back entrance. Sturdy fans have been purchased for the upstairs classrooms to help with the heavy, humid air that is present whenever the air temperature goes up. As teachers come back to organize their classrooms, the building is buzzing with activity for the final  push to get the building ready for the return of our students.

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