Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Read Across America Day

Thank you to all our celebrity readers for joining Francis Wyman students on Dr. Seuss  - Read Across America Day! We appreciate you giving the students your time and attention. By reading to our students, you are supporting their reading development and modeling a life-long love of reading.

School Committee member Mrs. Kristen Russo read to grade two students. She encouraged students to read for enjoyment.

DPW  Mr. John Sanchez read to our grade four class and answered many excellent questions from the students. The students were learning about measurement and enjoyed hearing about the gallons of water Burlington uses on a daily basis.

Selectman Runyan read Green Eggs and Ham to grade two students. The students enjoyed hearing about being both a fire fighter and a selectman.

Senator Donnelly read Sneetches to grade 3 students. He encouraged them to run for Student Council as a way to become involved. It could lead to a life of public service!
Representative Gordon read his favorite Dr. Seuss book The Lorax to grade 5 students. He too encouraged students to become involved through the Student Council.

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