Friday, January 29, 2016

Weekly Bulletin - January 29, 2016

Upcoming Events

February 3 - Practice Code Blue
February 5 -12 - Wee Deliver (What is Wee Deliver?Check below)
February 8 and 9 - Kindergarten Registration from 9am - 11am
February 15 - 19 - Winter Vacation, No School

“Wee Deliver”
Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night will interrupt Francis Wyman’s “Wee Deliver” mail service.  Students throughout the grades write letters as our third graders deliver them in a small-scale simulation of a postal system. This activity encourages student writing in an authentic setting.   While students learn to properly write and address a letter, “Wee Deliver” encourages a sense of community between the grades.  “Wee Deliver” will begin Friday , February 5 and run through Friday, February 12.  Each room will have its own address so if you would like to mail a letter to your child (no packages or food please), drop it off in the mailbox by the office.  It must be properly addressed and must include a make-believe stamp, such as a sticker or a drawing.  A Classroom Address List will be distributed next week.

Fish Day for Francis Wyman K Students!

All Kindergarten classes participated in "Fish Day" this morning and I was excited to be a part of the fun and quite proud of the octopus I created!  Students crafted sea turtles, jellyfish, rainbow fish, shark hats, and sea stars to name just a few.  The colorful, creative display will transform the K hallway into an ocean extravaganza for the next few weeks.  Please stop by to view all their hard work.  Great Job Kindergarten team! 

Francis Wyman Service Learning Club

With support from Mrs. Casey and Mrs. Schnee, students from multiple grades volunteer their time and gather once a week to complete a project they selected that will improve our school and/or community.  During this session, students are working together to create a special banner for our school.  Stay tuned as we await the finished product!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Weekly Bulletin, Friday January 22, 2016

Upcoming Dates
January 25 - Kindergarten Report Cards
January 27 - Grade 2 to Stoneham Theater
January 29 - PTO Movie Night - All tickets sold in advance

**Reminder to Parents - If you drop your child off in the morning, please walk them into the building if there are no teachers on duty.  We have two staff members who watch the morning drop off until 8:10am.  For the safety of our students, please walk them in after that point and sign them in at the front office. Thank You for your assistance in making sure all students arrive in school safely!

The Friendship Club in action!
Francis Wyman's newest after school club got underway this week and the students didn't waste any time joining in the fun!  The Friendship Club meets on Mondays after school with the support of Mrs. Casey & Mr. Stead facilitating activities for students from multiple grade levels.  This is a great hands-on, interactive, social opportunity for all students!

Mrs. McDonald gets ready to read Jan Brett's The Hat to first grade students this week.  
Reading and teaching in the classrooms is always the highlight of my job and the students' enthusiasm always energizes me for the more challenging aspects of being a principal.


Students in Ms. Hayes' 2nd grade reading class earn certificates and receive special recognition for the significant gains they have achieved in reading at this time of the year!  I am so proud of their efforts and progress that each student has made.  A special "thanks" as well to all of the teachers, tutors, and specialists whom work so diligently with these children to help them achieve to the best of their potential.  Way to go 2nd graders!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Weekly Bulletin - January 15, 2016

Upcoming Events
January 18 - No School for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 22 - Grade 3 goes to the Symphony
January 22 - PTO Fitness Night, 6pm - 9pm
January 25 - K report cards go home
January 27 - Grade 2 to Stoneham Theatre
January 29 - PTO Movie Night (pre-registration required)

Lost and Found
An Alex and Ani bracelet was found in the cafeteria this week. It was an "E" charm.   If it belongs to one of your children, please have them come to the main office.

Always in our hearts 
~Larry Carney~
The students and staff created a tribute wall in honor of our custodian,
Larry Carney, a colleague & friend who passed away unexpectedly this week.
The touching thoughts were a special reminder of the kindness he shared
with all of us here at Francis Wyman.  He will be terribly missed!
A huge THANKS to the PTO and all the families of FW
that sent in treats, warm thoughts, and positive wishes in
support of our staff during this difficult week.
Your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated by our entire team.
Shining Art Displays!
Our art display area has been redesigned and equipped with new
lights to help display the amazing art work created each week by
students across all grade levels.  Be sure to stop by the front office
to admire our new showcase and the talented artists we are inspiring
here at Francis Wyman.

Georgia & Ella display how many PURPLE PIRATE coupons needed to finish the prize puzzle.
Our current school-wide incentive program has classes working to collect 150 PURPLE PIRATE coupons to earn a mystery reward.  Each coupon is rewarded with a puzzle piece that is helping to create a puzzle revealing the final prize.  Classes are striving to earn coupons by walking quietly, working hard academically, and helping out one another.  The students are excited to see the puzzle picture emerge and the mystery prize revealed!  

Friday, January 8, 2016

Weekly Bulletin - January 8, 2016

Upcoming Events at FWS:

January 13  6:30 - 8:00pm  Incoming Kindergarten Info Night at BHS
Febuary 8, 9  9:00am - 11:00am Kindergarten Registration for                                                                                  2016/17 school year at FW
Each year the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education recognizes and honors outstanding educators through various recognition programs.  One way to recognize these educators is to nominate them to the Massachusetts Teacher of the Year program.  Anyone (students, colleagues, parents, supervisors, community members) may nominate teachers to the program.

If you have any questions, please email the

Here at Francis Wyman we are fortunate to have teachers that exemplify such a high level of talent and dedication.  Our staff consists of classroom teachers, special education teachers, specialists, counselors, a librarian, assistants, and tutors that are committed to the success of each and every student.  If your child comes home and brags about a special teacher or staff member who has had a positive impact on their life here at Francis Wyman, please consider nominating them for this prestigious award.  I am quite proud of the dedicated staff I get the privilege of working with each day and would love to see them recognized for their outstanding efforts!
Witness some of our fabulous Francis Wyman teachers in action...
 Miss Judge - Special Education (1 year of service)

 Mrs. Jefferson - Grade 1  (17 years of service)

Mrs. Wackell (10 years) and Ms. Remy (1 year) - Speech Teachers

Ms. O'Meara (1 year of service)


The FW Library hosted none other than Mrs. McDonald this morning as a "guest" reader, and she shared a book about friendship to Mrs. Sheehan's and Mrs. Cook's classes.  

Basic Rights In Special Education


Wednesday, January 13th  |  Marion Tavern  |  6:30/7:00-9:00pm

Presented by the Federation for Children with Special Need

The Basic Rights workshop provides families with an introduction to their rights in regards to their child’s education.
This workshop is designed to help parents learn to be effective partners with their child’s school to decide their
child’s eligibility for special education, and to plan, make decisions and monitor their child’s progress in school.