Friday, February 8, 2013

Are You Sure Your Child Isn't Using Social Media?

The following is a post from Patrick Larkins' blog, "Learning in Burlington".

Are You Sure Your Child Isn't Using Social Media?

What Apps Is Your Child Using?

Just because your child does not have a Facebook or Twitter account does not mean they are not using social media resources. I have been hearing rumblings from various communities (including Burlington) about elementary and middle school-aged children making poor choices with social media resources. I am certain that in many cases that the parents of these kids are unaware that their kids are over- sharing personal information, posting and viewing inappropriate pictures and having inappropriate conversations with friends AND STRANGERS. 

The bottom line here is that parents need to check on every app that their children are adding to their iPod, iPad, iPhone or other web enabled device, We have moved so quickly from the days when our biggest web-based concern regarding our children was a desktop computer in a common area of our homes. As we are well aware many of the gadgets that they  carry in their pockets can do so much more that those desktops could ever do. With new social media apps  and websites coming onto the scene at breathraking pace,  it is not surprising that parents can't keep up

A Little Advice For Parents: read on.....

To read more about this topic, please connect to Assistant Superintendent Patrick Larkin's blog "Learning in Burlington"  for some great advice. 

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